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LVIC Member Deal: WMODE Private Placement

Invested: $250,000 thousand

Year 2014.

LVIC Members invested in a private tech company with several existing streams of income and was profitable.

WMODE Management expected the company to undertake a public offering within a few years but (to the pleasant surprise of club member/investors) the company was privately purchased by Peter Thiel (Founder of Pay Pal) for a […]

LVIC Member Deal: Adventure Combat Operatives (ACO)

Invested: $300,000 thousand

Year 2014.

The club members loaned $300,000 to a local tourist attraction. The club took a charging order over all receivables and all assets of the company. The club investors receive 20% of gross revenues until the loan is fully repaid.  Once the loan is fully repaid then the investors receive a 4% royalty […]

LVIC Member Deal: Secured Funding Project

Invested: $250,000 thousand

Year 2015.

The club members loaned money to a private company secured against all assets of the company including its accounts receivables (which exceeded $2 million). We also received a personal guarantee from the owner of the company and a lien on the owner’s personal residence. This loan is secured at […]

LVIC Member Deal: Fitness Investment Group (FIG)

Invested: $2,100,000 million

Year 2015. 

With investments in several ‘UFC’ and ‘Crunch’ Franchise Gyms – the club is involved in full operational control on a day-to-day basis of 3 UFC Gyms in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and San Marcos, California.

The Las Vegas Investment Club, through senior members has full operational control. We are one year ahead of projected growth and […]

LVIC Member Deal: Jamacha CRUNCH Fitness

Invested: $2,100,000 million

Year 2016. 

This deal is structured as a convertible debenture where the loan is fully secured by the principals of the borrower and assets of the company.  The company is EBITDA positive with earnings of more than $70,000 per month and club members are currently on track netting more than 25% APR – and paid monthly […]

LVIC Member Deal: Carlsbad CRUNCH Fitness

Raised: $3,000,000 million

Year 2016.

Our newest project is scheduled to close in the first quarter of 2017.  We are taking complete control of a fitness complex that is currently profitable and generating revenue of approximately $3 million per year with more than 6,000 members.

Stay tuned! Check Out Carlsbad CRUNCH […]

Scott P. – 1st Time LVIC Meeting Attendee Testimonial

Hello my name is Scott P, tonight I attended my 1st  Las Vegas Investment Club meeting. I had a great time tonight! In fact I joined! I can’t wait to check out the next ten to twelve meetings. I was impressed with the three specific speakers featured in Steve Hawks, Richard Lee, and […]

LVIC Meeting Speaker Highlight: Mark Hosteller

Mark Hostetler conveys concisely & with levity his perspective on the back ground and future of the effects on business – in light of the Trump plans – which may well reverse Obama Executive Orders!

Here is an overview of what Mark covers:
Over the past 8 years the current administration has targeted specific industries […]

Mark Hosteller, Broker/Owner WHN Realty

Mark grew up in a small farm town in rural Kansas. After completing college he moved to Las Vegas to be in a more Entrepreneur friendly environment. The work ethic he learned growing up on a farm still influences his everyday life.

Over the last 20 years he has been a successful angel investor in numerous […]

Performance Update – 11 Gyms, 12% Return & Equity

Fitness Investment Group (FIG), a chain of 11 fitness gyms. LVIC members who invested have receive 12% return per year in addition to our equity.  A senior member is on the management team.

Jamacha Holdings LLC, a fully secured loan that is convertible into equity. This investment has done very well and our members are receiving monthly payments […]