1st Quarter 2016 Newsletter – Las Vegas Investment Club

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  • Interest Rates Will Rise in 2016 – The Question is How Fast?
  • Market Maneuvering Margins Are Minimal
  • Dips Are One Thing – A Steady Downside Is Something Else
  • No One Cares About Your Money More Than You Do
  • Election Years Have Some Predictable Effects
  • Beware Of The Financial Advisor Selling His Own Goods
  • Buy American’ Does Not Apply Now
  • Housing Supply And Demand Remains Unbalanced
  • Student Debt Curbs Potential New Homeowners
  • How Did We Become A Society Lulled By Entitlements?
  • America Is Not Designed To Be A Socialist Nation!
  • The Running Of The Bulls Begins
  • Be ‘For’ Something Instead Of Just ‘Against’ Something
  • And much more!
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