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The Las Vegas Investment Club takes a strong stance (related to its concerns) and provides an alternative – to the abuses perpetuated by the financial services industry. It is our position that an investor, who depends on the financial services industry for their financial future, is embarking on a long slow road to the poor house.

This video is a “must watch” for any serious investor. You will learn how this investment club is attaining high returns that (for the most part) the financial services industry would say –  is not possible without high risk.

We say “they are wrong!”

In this video we discuss a scam administered by one of the large banks that recently was required to pay a huge fine. Yet the ‘head of marketing’ who oversaw the department that ran this scam, retired with a 9 digit bonus – and did not have to return a dime – for heading up the scam!

As consumers and investors is it time to say “Enough is Enough!!!”

In our opinion the financial services industry is not in the business of “money management” but in the business of “money under management” Watch this video to find out the devastating consequences this business model has on your portfolio – over time.

There are good people and good companies in the industry, however; it is our position that investors must develop more personal empowerment by educating themselves to the reality of this system and then find alternatives.

Las Vegas Investment Club Calendar

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All Meetings & Events require registration & confirmation to attend.

The MoneyShow Las Vegas | May 15-18, 2017

From May 15-18, the Largest Gathering of Investors & Experts Converges on Las Vegas.

Club Meeting – May 18, 2017

Guest Speakers: Phil Town from Rule1 & Jeff Clark.

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The Las Vegas Investment Club takes a strong stance (related to its concerns) and provides an alternative – to the abuses perpetuated by the financial services industry. It is our position that an investor, who [...]

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The Las Vegas Investment Club is The PREMIERE PLATFORM for financial education and investing in Las Vegas. We help you build a strong financial network cultivated in a network environment of experts and like minded individuals. We are dedicated to our efforts, we hold monthly meetings , and we also produce our monthly Economy Call webcast (for our local and national members) which is a summary of the global economy which you can’t afford to miss!

We’re passionate about helping our local community and we also welcome any participant member across the nation!

The Las Vegas Investment Club is proud of its performance – check the LVIC Investment Portfolio.

Our typical investment project range is $250k to $3.5 million in financing.

We do not write checks to companies as an investment but instead play a key role in the growth of the companies we invest.

Although the main purpose of the Las Vegas Investment Club is financial health we have expanded our mandate to include personal health and from time to time we will have presenters who are licensed medical doctors update the club members on related health issues.

Yes, it is great to be wealthy but if you do not have health then you really are unable to enjoy it!

Dr. Michael Gunter, MDVIP

Dr. Gunter is a native of Las Vegas and first began his medical career in 1978 as a clinical-paramedic. Dr. Gunter received his medical degree in 1993 from the University of Nevada School of Medicine and is Board Certified in Family Practice. He holds certificates of added qualifications in Sports Medicine. In -1998, Dr. Gunter studied Acupuncture at UCLA. Acupuncture promotes health and well being, prevention of illness, and treatments of various medical conditions. In 2006, Dr. Gunter trained at Cenegenics Medical Institute in Las Vegas. Age management is a preventative therapeutic approach to controlling and improving the aging process in both men and women.

Dr. Gunter strives to create a caring atmosphere for all his patients and emphasizes the importance of preventative healthcare measures for the mind, body, and soul.

“My passion is quality of life. My philosophy is that each patient is a unique individual and must be cared for as such. My approach to medicine is tailored to each patient’s needs. This is achieved by a thorough history, physical, nutrition, exercise guidance and preventive maintenance. I am certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, partnering with my patients to live healthier, more vibrant lives. I put all my patients first with an all-encompassing approach to health, wellness & prevention.” ~Dr. Gunter

Professional Affiliations and Appointments

  • Chairman of Family Practice Summerlin Medical Executive Committee 2005-2010
  • Current Vice-Chief of Staff Summerlin Hospital

Honors and Awards

  • Scottsdale Memorial Family Practice Residency Program, Resident Teacher of the Year Award
  • Nominated Brazie Award, Outstanding Family Practice, 2nd Year Resident
  • National Institute of Health Research Grant Human Papillomavirus in Double Primary Neoplasms of the Head and Neck, Recipient
  • Consumers’ Checkbook Top Doctor, Vegas Seven 2013
  • Las Vegas Life Magazine, Top Docs 2013
  • Opencare, Patient Choice Awards 2016

Join the LVIC today to guest speakers like this and many others!

The Las Vegas Investment Club is very actively involved in the community. We were the leading lobby effort against the abusive practices of HOA Collection Companies in Nevada and successfully were part of the final result to cap the fees these companies could charge to struggling homeowners. In addition, we support Children of Nevada through such programs as CASA which provides advocacy for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes and more. Recently Magic FOR Children which brings the joy of Magic to under privileged children.

We intend to continue to grow this “Pillar” of the club by getting involved in more programs for Children in Nevada.

LVIC Member Benefits

The MoneyShow Las Vegas | May 15-18, 2017


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