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The next club meeting is April 9th. At that meeting we will discuss what is happening in the world and the economy and what investors should do in their individual portfolios to maximize returns. In addition, we will discuss the local Las Vegas Real Estate Market and the best places and zip codes to buy now or in some cases sell now.

"I have learned immensely from the world class speakers that participate at the monthly meetings... I have increased my personal financial portfolio"

- Jennifer, View More Testimonials

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The PREMIERE PLATFORM for financial education and investing in Las Vegas. We help you build a strong financial network cultivated in a network environment of experts and like minded individuals. We are dedicated to our efforts, we hold monthly meetings, and we also produce our monthly Economy Call webcast (for our local and national members) which is a summary of the global economy which you can't afford to miss!

We're passionate about helping our local community and we also welcome any participant member across the nation! Our membership is absolutely FREE!

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At the next club meeting - on Thursday April 9th at 6:59pm (yes we already start on time) we will discuss:

  • What is the direction of the economy?
  • Should you remain in the stock market?
  • Should members be worried about the housing market?
  • In this section we will elaborate on the positive economic indicators but balancing it out with the concerns on what could possibly happen in the economy.
  • More importantly we will be giving guidance on what specifically members should be doing in their portfolios.



MYTHS OF INVESTING: Why most of what you have been taught about investing in the stock market is based on a gigantic error made by academics in the early 1970's and how investors like Phil, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger take advantage to get huge compounded returns with very little risk ... and how you can, too.

MUTUAL FUND DISASTER: Why John Bogle, ex-CEO of Vanguard, wrote the SEC that your mutual fund manager is taking 60% of your retirement money in a government sponsored scam that continues to this day and how you can fix the problem easily.

TOOLS AND RESOURCES: How the internet has made it possible for the little guy to take advantage of tools and information that cost a small fortune just a few years ago and how to use those resources in just a few minutes a week to invest with low risk and a consistently high return.

THE LITTLE GUY' ADVANTAGE: The single greatest investing advantage that, with the exception of Warren Buffett and a few other professional investors, belongs entirely to you, the small investor, and how to use it to get rich or stay that way no matter what the market is doing.

'15 & '16 Meeting Dates

January 26th
February 24th
April 9th
May 28th
June 30th
September 23rd
November 17th
Jan 16, 2016

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"I have learned immensely from the world class speakers that participate at the monthly meetings... I have increased my personal financial portfolio"
-- Jennifer