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Senior Economist and Economic Advisor Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

William A. Strauss is a Senior Economist and Economic Advisor in the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, which he joined in 1982. His chief responsibilities include analyzing the current performance of both the Midwest economy and the manufacturing sector for use in monetary policy. He organizes the Bank's Economic Outlook Symposium and Automotive Outlook Symposium. In addition, he conducts industrial and manufacturing roundtables throughout the year.

Mr. Strauss earned a B.A. in economics and geography from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an M.A. in economics from Northwestern University. Mr. Strauss is a Certified Business Economist™ (CBE), the certification in business economics and data analytics developed by the National Association for Business Economics.  It documents a professional’s accomplishment, experience, abilities, and demonstrates mastery of the body of knowledge critical for a successful career in the field of economics and data analytics.

He has taught as an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University Chicago and Webster University in Chicago. He currently teaches at DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, and at the University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. At the latter institution, he was named winner of the 2010 Excellence in Teaching Award in the Business and Professional Programs. He was recognized by the University at Buffalo as a Distinguished Alumni in 2012.

His research papers include analysis of the manufacturing sector, the automotive sector, the Midwest regional economy, the trade-weighted dollar, business cycles, and Federal Reserve payments operations.

Mr. Strauss has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows and quoted in the major business magazines and newspapers. He has also provided testimony concerning manufacturing issues to the U.S. Senate. He is a past president of the Chicago Association of Business Economists; a past board member for the National Association for Business Economics; a member of the National Business

Economics Issues Council; a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the University at Buffalo; a member of the Advisory Board for the Center of Excellence on Human Capital,

Technology Transfer, & Economic Growth and Development, a member of the Advisory Council for the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Center for Economic Education; a member of the Economic Advisory Committee for the Council on Competitiveness; a board member of Global

Interdependence Center; and a member of the Council of Great Lakes Governors Maritime Advisory Committee.

CBE™ and Certified Business Economist™ are certification marks owned by the National Association for Business Economics.

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Las Vegas Investment Club

Highlights From Recent Las Vegas Investment Club Meeting. Information You Will Never Hear In The Media.

The Las Vegas Investment Club is proud of its accomplishments over the last 5 years.  We have been actively involved in the community with a focus on the children of Las Vegas as well as challenging as a strong lobby group against things that we feel are not in the best interest of Nevadans. In addition, to our community involvement our educational component is a key factor that keeps members coming back to the club.  Our guidance regarding what will unfold in the economy has been on target with uncanny accuracy over the last several years. We have attached our video highlights from the last club meeting to give you an idea of the educational content that the Las Vegas Investment Club provides.  We give insight into economic issues that you will never hear about in the popular media. This most recent club meeting highlight video covers some of the following subject matter: -why millennials are unable to buy a house and why we are at the lowest home ownership rate since 1967! -why US citizens are being misled with respect to the true employment rate in America. -who are the real buyers of Las Vegas Real Estate?  Hint, the buyers are not locals! -Have you noticed a traffic increase dramatically in the last 3 years in Las Vegas.  Watch why this is occurring! -what are the ultra rich doing to make money and why the club strategy follows in the same path. -a strategy you can use to make returns in the hundreds of percentage points. -why investors are being led down the garden path and why you have to be careful with respect to "all" financial advisors. -what impact is China having on Las Vegas as a result of the corruption crackdown in China.  -what trick Chinese developers use to artificially create comparables that price locals out of the market and as part of this discussion why New York imposed a surtax on absentee owners. -If you have an issue you are concerned about then it is a complete waste of time to write a letter to Harry Reid! -There is a problem in America when 98.6% of all EB5 money is coming from one nation. (immigration money: we are selling citizenship but it is leading down a dire path) -why Steve Wynn is not sleeping at night as his company becomes a takeover target. -The rental rates in Las Vegas are artificial!  Learn why. -what is the impact of Section 8 renters on Las Vegas cap rates.  Hint: Hard working class Nevadans are being priced out of the market due to government "do good" programs. -how to play the game and not make a mortgage payment for 4 to 5 years and still live in your house.  The Secret Las Vegas Stimulus Package. -The Las Vegas Investment Club's outlook for the stock market and what you have to do as an investor. -what is the impact of the strong US dollar on our economy? -Learn why Yellin remains in a harsh position and hands tied to raise interest rates. -For American retirees learn why it is a great time to travel to Europe! -What is the outlook for gold/silver in 2016? -why America is in an asset bubble with respect to Real Estate and stocks! -how the Middle Class has become the lower Middle Class over the last 10 years. -America is in its slowest economic recovery ever after the Great Recession! -what impact does the US debt have on the lives of American Citizens and the concern about US demographics! -find out why politicians will not challenge entitlement programs.  More scary..161 millions receive some form of government check every month. -the club's election prediction and who voters will elect as the next President...(you have to watch the video to find out) -there are possible solutions to these problems and we explain some of them. -American culture is being destroyed.  America is not a culture of collectivism but our constitution was founded on individualism.   Watch the video and learn more! -How the government is destroying small business through regulation and why the CEO of Goldman Sachs laughs all the way to the bank! -We highlight one of our club members who is an American War Hero! -Analysis of Bush, Trump, Paul and Cruz.   -you will be shocked to learn the real reasons why home prices in American have increased over the last 10 years.  It is totally due to government manipulation.  You must watch the video to learn why! -Why the club is guiding investors to be heavy in cash in 2016 and general investment guidance for 2016. If you have not attended a club meeting in awhile this is a 'MUST WATCH' video.  You will learn more in this video than watching hours of CNBC and other financial networks!   The club is proud of our educational program and we believe it rivals anything taught at any of America's finest business schools.   Here is a line up of events for 2016 that are all held at Orleans Hotel and Casino and all evening events start at 6:59pm


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The PREMIERE PLATFORM for financial education and investing in Las Vegas. We help you build a strong financial network cultivated in a network environment of experts and like minded individuals. We are dedicated to our efforts, we hold monthly meetings, and we also produce our monthly Economy Call webcast (for our local and national members) which is a summary of the global economy which you can't afford to miss!

We're passionate about helping our local community and we also welcome any participant member across the nation! Our membership is absolutely FREE!

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