Attend May 2-3rd EconoSummit

The EconoSummit has evolved over the years (the first in 2005) to become a ‘boutique’ conference with attendees able to interact one on one with speakers - almost at will.

This has become a trademark feature of the EconoSummit Minimal numbers are maintained in order to ensure this phenomenon.

The EconoSummits sole purpose has been to decipher the countless stories that abound in the media and conclude what we feel are the most important facts.

"I have learned immensely from the world class speakers that participate at the monthly meetings... I have increased my personal financial portfolio"

- Jennifer, View More Testimonials

Next Club Meeting:May 28

The club has worked over one year to get this speaker. Make sure to attend.


PhilTownPhoto_325x500He isn’t your typical Wall Street guy. An ex-Green Beret, former river guide and meditation teacher, Phil Town is a self-made millionaire, hedge fund manager and one of the world’s most widely sought-after speakers on the phenomenon of low-risk, high-return investing – an oxymoron to those financial advisors who have been taught that high rewards only come from high risk.  Phil has revolutionized the way people invest their money by teaching small investors how to buy $10 of value for $5 and how to remove the remaining market risk with dividends, buybacks and derivatives.  Done properly, the result is a retirement portfolio that produces dividend returns of over 20% per year with little to no risk from a stock market crash.


MYTHS OF INVESTING: Why most of what you have been taught about investing in the stock market is based on a gigantic error made by academics in the early 1970’s and how investors like Phil, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger take advantage to get huge compounded returns with very little risk ... and how you can, too.

MUTUAL FUND DISASTER: Why John Bogle, ex-CEO of Vanguard, wrote the SEC that your mutual fund manager is taking 60% of your retirement money in a government sponsored scam that continues to this day and how you can fix the problem easily.

TOOLS AND RESOURCES: How the internet has made it possible for the little guy to take advantage of tools and information that cost a small fortune just a few years ago and how to use those resources in just a few minutes a week to invest with low risk and a consistently high return.

THE ‘LITTLE GUY’ ADVANTAGE: The single greatest investing advantage that, with the exception of Warren Buffett and a few other professional investors, belongs entirely to you, the small investor, and how to use it to get rich or stay that way no matter what the market is doing.




  • May 1st-3rd 2015

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"I have learned immensely from the world class speakers that participate at the monthly meetings... I have increased my personal financial portfolio"
-- Jennifer